46911a1bfc8ba17427b6d621dab2a3acef9f55d239339c2d7c2849cc741d63de442565fb11bf6e3c6a87ad4116e6e20a8560241adcb24a964202f931460ed284c2b5fe43de5c4a9f6df68a6e6bea8fc6After spending so much time with one of your closest friends who has been in a car accident you take a step back and look at your life and become so much more grateful for what you have and what you can do.

Love and live every day to it’s fullest. Get outside and go for a run, breathe in some fresh air and soak in the sunshine, take your dog for a walk, swim in the ocean or do some yoga at the park. Don’t take life for granted.

Be thankful and grateful for your health and for what you have.

Jess xo


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