1jordan2jordan3jordanYou might have seen from last night’s upload we have a new model at Ela Hawke Vintage, meet Jordan! With her infectious smile, cute/dorky sense of humour and quick wit you’ll be seeing a lot of her round EHV HQ from now on.

We chatted briefly to find out a little bit more about this gorgeous girl…

Nickname? Jordy

Star sign? Taurus

Any phobias? Claustrophobia

Favourite vintage piece? My Ela Hawke Vintage printed wool skirt of course!

Currently listening to? Passion Pit Gossamer album.

Next holiday? England, Scotland, Paris and Rome!

Lame joke? Why did the Mexican man throw his wife off a cliff? TEQUILA!

Lucky number? 11

Best beauty buy? Nation BB Cream.

Hidden talents? I can close one eye without moving the rest of my face and successfully freak people out.

Best piece of advice? Do what you love.

Can’t live without? My grandparents and coffee.



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