Instagram: Kittens + Pineapples

_11124e9cfa6c10811e2b0f022000a9f13694fa8b322c35811e2914122000a9f1439_76d917d50c1f111e2bccc22000a1f8cda_749b78a40c2ae11e2bd6022000aa80383_75036a2254c28411e28f2322000a9e0753_7ee7eed7abec811e284fa22000a1f9c87_7fcd419706c34711e2b0f722000a9f18db_7Images via our Instagram feed.

Flowers, kittens (Bruce in particular!), new stock, our feature on a pair & a spare, brass pineapples and inspiring words have been keeping us focused and motivated this week.

Apart from the minor hiccup with last night’s upload of new stock we’re hoping to have that issue fixed as soon as possible. Sorry everyone!

Here’s hoping everything is back to normal and running smoothly next week.




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