Chia seed pudding

If you’re looking for a delicious vegan and dairy free dessert then this one is for you.

I’ve been enjoying chia seeds for a while now, especially adding them to my salads and even to my morning smoothies. They make for that great little bit of extra crunch in a salad and that bit of extra texture in a smoothie. And what’s even better is their health benefits. Chia seeds are packed full of omega-3, protein, fibre and in most cases contain more calcium than milk. Another reason why I’ve cut back on dairy and have been enjoying other natural foods that provide just as much nutrients.

I came across this recipe from the Juicing Vegetables page I follow. It looked super quick, super healthy and super easy to make. And I have say, I’ll definitely be making it again.

¼ cup organic coconut milk
1 tblesp chia seeds
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 pinch of sea salt
1 drop of stevia

Pour the coconut milk into any old glass (I made 2 servings but the measurements above are for 1 serving).

Add the chia seeds, cinnamon, salt and stevia and mix it all around in the glass.

If you haven’t used stevia before or not sure of what it is, it’s a natural sweetener derived from the leaves of the stevia plant. It’s much sweeter than sugar and a totally natural sweetener so you only need a drop or two in most cases. You can buy it in liquid form and doesn’t cost very much, any natural health shop should stock it.

Then all you need to do is drop your mixture/glass into the freezer for about 10 minutes. I think I may have left mine in for nearly 15 minutes, you can keep checking back every 5 minutes to see when you like the consistency. When chia seeds are dropped in liquid they expand and form a gelatine-like substance around the seed. So what you will find is the coconut milk and the chia seeds form a kind of soft serve, ice cream texture and thicken up nicely just like a pudding. So make sure you don’t leave it in there for too long or it will completely harden!

And there you have it! A yummy raw, dairy free and vegan dessert that you can enjoy without feeling guilty.

Jess xx



4 thoughts on “Chia seed pudding

  1. Hi! I’ve been loving your travel posts but this recipe is one I’m definitely going to try this week – thanks for posting – it looks super easy and it’s just the kind of virtuous treat I’m feeling in need of!
    x Catherine @ The Spring

  2. Hi Jess,

    Love the look of these recipes you keep posting, where do you get them all from?

    Any good lunch recipes, always get stuck at that meal!!

    Also, I am heading to NYC!! Leave on the 5th of november!!


    • Liz! I follow a lot of FB pages + food blogs. You can do a google search + find lots of yummy raw food sites with heaps of inspiring healthy snacks + desserts! Maybe I’ll have to do a lunch blog post for you 😉 I’m so jealous of your NYC trip!! You’ll have to check out the flea markets + vintage stores for me! xx

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