Rule Britannia!

After a long flight I finally made it to the motherland!

First stop is the small coach town of Chipping Sodbury to stay with family, where buildings date back to the 1600’s and Bath is a short drive away. Historically it was one of the main stops for pilgrims and traders on the way to London and is traditionally a market town, with farmers markets still being held here twice a month. It is thought to have the widest high street in Britain. JK Rowling was born here, and famous nearby residents include Prince Charles and James Dyson (creator of Dyson vacuum cleaners).

My first few days have been spent mostly at the local pub (no surprises there!) for some proper Guinness and in the next few days I will be catching up with friends, visiting Bath and having many Pride and Prejudice moments looking around some old Estates. Next week I’m off to Germany to see the sights and check out all the amazing vintage stores in Berlin, and of course, get involved in Oktoberfest!

I can’t wait to keep you all updated with my adventures!

You can also follow me on instagram for more snaps of my travels.

Katie xx


5 thoughts on “Rule Britannia!

  1. Are there some special baths…in Bath?hehehe And whose are those amazing labs you are hanging out with!?!? My fav colours ;D xxx

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